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Introducing ARETL 2022

In recent years, we have seen a huge step forward in innovations and development in education, teaching, and learning. This was observed – and, to a large extent, forced by – the pandemic, when digital learning and technological tools were relied on heavily. However, this didn’t come without its own set of challenges and concerns: how to execute cross-border learning, improve information exchange, and, most importantly, how to avail these new trends and practices on local and international levels. 

At the 6th International Conference on Advanced Research in Education, Teaching, and Learning, we offer a global forum to discuss and debate about these problems and also discover effective solutions. With attendees and presenters from all over the world, we hailed great success in past conferences and hope to exceed all expectations with this year’s education conference. 

Discover the high quality of the program, which is the result of the dedication of the scientific committee to feature an agenda with topics that are not only relevant, but original, and meticulously researched. At this event, we’re bringing together an array of academics, scholars, researchers, and experts who will showcase the newest advancements in the fields of learning, teaching, and education. Furthermore, engage in immersive conversations with leading experts, get inspired to start or present your research, and maybe even get published in distinguished academic journals. 

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Subjects for the Education Conference 2022

Discover the new innovations in education, teaching, and learning. The 2022 edition of this international conference on education and teaching is looking for entries related to the following topics: 

Education Theory and Practice, Education Policy and Administration, Child and Family Education, Language Education (ELT/ FLT), E-Learning, Teaching and Learning. Other related topics will also be considered.

Submitted abstracts will be evaluated by the Scientific Committee. If abstract is accepted, the author agrees to send a full-text paper, including results, tables, figures and references. All submissions should report original and previously unpublished research results no matter the type of research paper you are presenting. Full-text papers (.docx and .doc) will be accepted by Electronic Submission Form. Manuscripts should meet the format set by the Conference committee and are subject to review.

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Become a Speaker at ARETL 2022

Utilize the platform offered at this international education conference and become a speaker! 

You may present orally or virtually, or even present a poster. Engage in interesting discussions and debates with fellow academics and researchers. Open the doors to several networking and collaboration opportunities. 

Add These Dates to Your Calendar!

15 July 2022

Papers Submission Deadline

22 July 2022

Registration Deadline

29 - 31 July 2022

Conference Dates

Advantages of Presenting at Education Conferences 2022

Here are some of the advantages of speaking at this international conference on education: 

  • Showcase your research to a global audience as well as a multitude of academics, researchers, and scholars. 
  • Discuss with peers and experts about the various challenges seen in these fields and find possible solutions for them. 
  • Gain recognition and help mold the future of your field.
  • Enhance your soft skills and become a better presenter.

Remember that the scientific committee maintains a strict standard for all the submissions they receive. Made up of a host of established and experienced academics and researchers, every submission is extensively evaluated for quality, authenticity, and relevancy. Additionally, all submissions undergo a double-blind peer review. Obtain helpful suggestions that help to improve the quality of your work and advice on how to upscale your research field and expand your area of research.

Education Policy and Administration

Child and Family Education

Education Policy


Become a Published Researcher at ARETL 2022

Get your research published in distinguished academic journals and elevate your academic career. Get recognized in important academic communities, interact with academic experts and fellow researchers, inspire others to start and publish their work, as well as find good partnerships and potential grants. 

education conference

Plagiarism and Ethics Policies

The 6th International Conference on Advanced Research in Education, Teaching and Learning follows strict anti-plagiarism policies and, as such, checks every submission for plagiarism using Crossref Similarity Check Powered by iThenticate. All articles submitted to the conference first undergo a plagiarism check before being sent to our scientific committee for review. The submission will be automatically rejected at any time if found plagiarized. If you’d like to find out more information about the iThenticate software, click on the following link: https://www.crossref.org/services/similarity-check/.


Academic Conference Proceedings and Publications 

All accepted papers will be published in the Conference Proceedings with the ISBN 978-609-485-287-9 in a soft form. All full papers sent for conference proceedings will be accepted through a double-blind review process and will be published electronically in proceedings with a DOI number.

International Education Conferences 2022: The Benefits

Here are some of the positives that come from attending this international education conference: 

Find new partnerships

This event will be attended by a large number of academics, scholars, leaders of for- and non-profits, and many more stakeholders in the field of education. As such, it’s a great way to get your name and research out there, network and converse with experts and peers, and find potential collaboration opportunities.

Speaking opportunities

This event offers you the opportunity to present and speak about your research and work in front of an international audience.

Publishing possibilities

Become a published researcher in major academic journals, gain recognition and credibility, expand your field of research, and identify new opportunities for collaboration with talented experts and researchers.

Discover a new city

Indulge in a great educational experience while also exploring a new place full of adventures.

Learn from leading experts

Watch talented presenters talk about the newest trends and challenges in the fields of education, teaching, and learning.

ARETL Keynote Speaker

education conference

Dr. Zuruzi Abu Samah

Chairman of the mechanical engineering department, Alfaisal University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Topic: “Interdisciplinarity in engineering education”

Dr. Zuruzi Abu Samah is a professor at Alfaisal University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. He has served as chair of the mechanical engineering department since 2019. After earning bachelors and doctoral degrees in materials from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore and University of California, Santa Barbara, respectively, he held a postdoctoral fellowship at Agilent Labs, CA and then joined Intel, AZ as a senior engineer. His interest in teaching led him to academic positions in Nanyang and Temasek polytechnics in Singapore, Singapore University of Technology and Design, and Universiti Teknologi Brunei. He has taught fundamental and advanced engineering courses to electrical, industrial and mechanical engineering students. His research interests include students perceptions of learning as well as technical / engineering education.

Highlighted Speakers

education conference

Anabela Simões

education conference

Wilma van Staden

education conference

Richard Cotterill

education conference

Tim Oswald

education conference

Chanchal Singh

ARETL Past Speakers

education conference

Lin Lim

Associate Dean at Bridges Graduate School of Cognitive Diversity in Education, studio city, CA

education conference

Muhammad Zafar Iqbal

AUnited Arab Emirates University,UAE

education conference

Walther Tessaro

University of Geneva,Switzerland

education conference

Wadinlada Thuratham

Rajamangala University of Technology, Tawan-ok,Thailand

education conference

Niranjana Dhawan

Sunway University,Malaysia

education conference

Golay Amiri

Shahrood University of Technology,Iran

education conference

Dinh Cao Tuong

FPT University,Vietnam

education conference

Guiu Pauna-Gabriela

National University of Political Studies and Public Administration,Romania

education conference

Francisco D. Guillén-Gámez

University Of Almería (UAL),Spain

education conference

Adelina Mulyani Go

Indepedent Researcher,Indonesia

education conference

William Frick

University of Oklahoma,USA

education conference

Sariah Lopez-Fierro

Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María,Ecuador

education conference

Claris Caga Belgica

University of the Cordilleras,Philippines

education conference

Carlos Sanchez-Lozano

Cenfotec University,Costa Rica

education conference

Ludfi Djajanto

State Polytechnic of Malang, Indonesia

Discover Magnificent Dublin on a Free Guided Tour

This event will be hosted in the charming city of Dublin. Filled with variety and beauty, Dublin is not a place you should miss out on. Being Ireland’s cultural capital, enjoy the abundance of sights, museums, galleries, theaters, pubs, and shops that can be explored. Interact with friendly locals and experience pleasant weather at one of the friendliest capital cities in the world. 

Additionally, this city is home to several international organizational headquarters and expats from all around the world. Thanks to its exceptional quality of education and educational institutions, Dublin hosts an array of academic events and conferences every year — and is visited by a multitude of researchers and academics. 

We highly encourage our attendees to join our free one-day guided tour around this wonderful city. 


UCD Conference and Events, University College Dublin

More Information
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Registration for ARETL 2022

Register to attend this innovative international conference on education. You may attend in person or virtually. Also, the option to present virtually is available to those who cannot make it to the event in person.  


Authors (Students)
Deadline: 22 July 2022


Authors (Regular)
Deadline: 22 July 2022


Deadline: 22 July 2022


Virtual presentation
Deadline: 22 July 2022


Extra paper
Deadline: 22 July 2022
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