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Prof. Anabela Simões

Prof. Anabela Simões is Assistant Professor at the University of Aveiro (UA), where she teaches Languages for Specific Purposes and Intercultural Business Communication. She holds a PhD in Culture Studies and is a full member of the Research Centre for Languages, Literatures and Cultures (UA). Her main research interests include: intercultural communication, FL teaching & learning and global skills development.

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Mr. Richard Cotterill

Mr. Richard Cotterill is a lecturer in Management at the University of York’s International Pathway College. He is in the final stages of completing his doctorate in education, which evaluates the use of visual metaphors in lectures as a way of unlocking meaning. Other research interests include how to strengthen the validity of group assessments and the use of online discussion forums. Richard is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and holder of the University of York Vice-Chancellor’s Teaching Award.

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Mr. Tim Oswald

Mr. Tim Oswald is a lecturer in English language and intercultural business communication at the University of Aveiro in central Portugal. His research interests include the intercultural competence, training undergraduates in research methodology, representations of Portuguese culture online and the formation of the destination image in another language.

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Ms Chanchal Singh

Ms Chanchal Singh has 39 years of experience teaching EFL/ESL learners. She imparts Voice and Accent Training at Shantou University. She has an MBA and has received ‘Outstanding Teaching Award’, won 1st Prize a TKT held by MPI Macao & Cambridge University, contributed book chapters to TESOL press, received ‘Best Paper Award’ at conferences. Learner motivation is her field of interest.

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Ms Sohani Gandhioke

Ms Sohani Gandhioke has a Masters in English. She has been teaching ESL/EFL learners since 2004. She teaches English at Shantou University and has received the highest Teacher Evaluation Scores. She was awarded the ‘Certificate of Appreciation ‘by Business School. contributed book chapters to TESOL press, received ‘Best Paper Award’ at conferences. TBLT is her field of research.

education conferences

Mr.Rasheed Al Rayah Sanhoury

Mr.Rasheed Al Rayah Sanhoury has been teaching English in the Sultanate of Oman since 2005. He has a BA in English Language and Literature and a CELTA. His research interests include the study of the Spatial Bias agency, Neurolinguistic, Discourse, Grammar, Material Design, and Professional Development.

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