First Round – 2019

Conference history

The 2019 edition of the International Conference on Advanced Research in Education, Teaching and Learning (ARETL) took place on the 3rd-5th of May in the historic city of Athens, Greece. The event received high praise from the audience and here’s why.

The agenda was packed with thought-provoking presentations by highly respected experts in the field. The keynote was presented by Dr. Kievelou- Chiotini Stella- Sofia. The attendees had plenty of opportunities to engage in discussions, network with their peers, and learn about the latest trends and challenges in the field.

As is a tradition with our academic events, everyone who joined ARETL was invited on a free guided tour of Athens. The city is more than stunning architecture and cultural sights. It’s a vibrant place at the intersection of modernity and rich history.

We hope you’ll be joining the 2023 edition of ARETL. This is not an academic event you want to miss out on.

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